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Monday, August 8, 2011

Buyer's Trend Alert!!

The 80's trends have resurfaced....let me rephrase that....the BEST of the 80's trends are resurfacing themselves in new ways. A little less terrifying???...... Agreed.

Does anybody remember Madonna's "Like a Virgin," bridal gown?? I sure do. Loved it then, love it now....

Let's deconstruct this iconic number, and see how the look has been brought back...Exposed boning bodices- check! Raw edge hemline- check, check!! Sure we left the "boy toy" belt out, and for good reason, but there is a reincarnated key accessory that I am LOVING, and hoping to see more of: lace gloves.

Here is how they have been recreated for brides of today....they are shorter, sweeter, and much more delicate, but by no means is this a trend for a shrinking violet. The look is royal, regal AND super fashionable. It is an accessory for a confident bride, that isn't afraid to start a trend or two.

My favorite updated version, is Toni Federici's "Tara."

Here are a collection of pictures from greenweddingshoes.com featuring some fantastic ways to sport this adorable trend!

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