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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Fireworks

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Okay, so it's 7:42pm as I am typing this... it's already Thursday in some places, but it's still Wednesday here, so that counts as Wedding Wednesday, right?

Haha, anyway... I was looking through www.tressugar.com, and I saw photos of couples enjoying fireworks display on their wedding day. I think it's cool to have fireworks, and it is also an excellent photo opportunity! ;)

I think I definitely want to have fireworks when I get married in the distant future, haha. ;)

What do you think of having fireworks on your wedding day?

P.S. My Perricone giveaway is open until Saturday! Thank you and good luck to all those who entered, and if you haven't, please do join in! :D

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