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Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter... IT ALL ENDS. Give me more Kleenex!

Happy Friday!

So yup, after months of waiting, the day has finally come... it truly is the end of an era. *Sigh*

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 has already earned $126 million -- it hasn't even been in theatres for a full 24 hours... simply phenomenal. Okay, I should warn you guys, I'm probably gonna be gushing about Harry Potter for the remainder of this post. ;)

All the actors in this movie did a brilliant job (well, maybe Bonnie Wright could've done a better job at the bridge scene and the "19 years later" scene, but it's okay, I still loved the movie!).

Daniel Radcliffe did an amazing job. I am convinced that he is really Harry Potter, I mean who else would Harry Potter be besides Daniel Radcliffe, right? Haha, I hope that made sense.

"How dare you stand where he stood. Tell them what happened that night. Tell them how you looked him in the eye. A man who trusted you, and killed him!"

Rupert Grint... he's always been my favorite!!!
He can make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Emma Watson... the girl can do no wrong. One of her scenes made me tear up... I'm not gonna say which one though. ;)

And of course, the Ron and Hermione kiss! Some people say it wasn't good enough, but hey, we waited ten long years for that, so I am not complaining... now if only Rupert and Emma can be a real-life couple, haha. ;)

Matthew Lewis - I know the web has been all abuzz with how dashing our dear Neville Longbottom is in real life... come on, have you seen his recent red carpet photos?

I love how Neville shined in his own way in this movie. Yay, Neville! :D

Voldie, Voldie, Voldie... greatest villain of all time! Ralph Fiennes, you are amazing!

Snaaaaaape, I always knew you were good!

The flashbacks that explained Snape's background were a bit hurried, and it's probably confusing to those who haven't read the book, but I think they did it the best way they could. Alan Rickman is absolutely brilliant, I wonder why he's never been nominated for an Oscar...

Professor McGonagall!!! I love her.

"Potter, it's good to see you."

Fred and George -- my favorite twins ever!

Tom Felton... I love how well he portrayed Draco - Tom can make you hate him in one scene, and pity him in another.

Not gonna lie, it's not the same without Crabbe...
(No offense to the new guy, though... he was a good replacement.)

Our favorite witch and wizards. :)

I really hope they have more movies to come after Harry Potter. These three can totally be the next Colin Firth and Hugh Grant and Kate Winslet. ;)

Ten years, wow, ten years... what am I supposed to do now? No more Harry Potter books or movies to look forward to. :(

I was only 11 years old when this started, I honestly feel like I grew up with them... well, I did in a way. :)

Anyway, the movie... It's the kind of movie that will make you feel excited, make you cheer, make you laugh and cry, make you feel nostalgic, make you sad, make you feel happy -- it will probably evoke every kind of emotion there is. It was fast-paced, action-packed, and you can tell everyone involved in it did their best to give us the best ending possible - an ending that gives justice to this epic saga. I wish they added more dialogue to the "19 years later" though, but I understand it's a long book - and despite that, I still think they did an amazing amazing job with the movie. It's a beautiful ending to a beautiful story. And yet I still can't believe it's over!!!

Excuse me while I get some more Kleenex...

Do you need to dry your tears too? Well then, let's watch this funny video! :)

Robert Pattinson -- American? Whaaat?! Haha.
I think it will be easy for Tom Felton to get American roles, how excellent is his American accent? Rupert's expression when he asked if the Chips Ahoy were really chewy is priceless!

Have you seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2? Thoughts? (without spoiling anything though, haha) ;)

***images from Google, video from Youtube***

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