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Thursday, May 5, 2011

J. Crew Fall 2011 Lookbook: The Look for Less

Hi, everyone!

Happy Thursday! :D

I planned to do this post several weeks ago when I saw the J. Crew Fall 2011 Lookbook on FabSugar.com. I just recently had some time to actually work on this post. So, yay! :D

On the FabSugar article/slideshow, they showed the items that are worth splurging on and the ones that aren't. Here are some items that they think are not worth breaking the bank for. I also went on Forever 21's website (I haven't been on there since, well, forever!), and I found affordable items to re-create these looks from J. Crew. :)


As much as I love that cute disco mini, $350 is way too pricey for me. And with $158, I'm pretty sure I can buy a lot of striped shirts from other stores.


C'est Le top ($12.90), Beaded Mini Skirt ($29.99), Crinkled Woven Scarf ($9.80), Sequined Clutch ($15.80)


That trenchlet is cute, but according to FabSugar, you won't get a lot of outfits from it because the design and pattern will easily go out of style. Those shorts are really pretty, but I've seen look-alikes sold for way less at other stores.


Short Double Breasted Trench ($32.80), My Boyfriend's Cotton Shirt ($19.90), Wingtip Ankle Boots ($26.80), Perfect Pleats Woven Shorts ($22.80)


I like the idea of a leather tee, but honestly, how many times are we gonna wear one? And for $795?! No, thank you, I think I'll pass.


Silk Blend Button Up ($24.80), Oversized Knit Top ($7.90), Workman Lace-Up Booties ($27.80), Divine Rights of Denim Civilian Skinnies ($24.80)


Again, the price... $750 for a maxi dress?! I think if you have $750 to spare, it's better to spend it on more affordable maxi dresses -- I think $750 worth of maxi dresses will last us for two, or maybe three, summers. Or better yet, let's just spend it on Louboutins? ;)


Rows of Flowers Dress ($22.80) and Strappy Leatherette Sandals ($9.50)

I like the look of those shoes on the J. Crew outfit, but I don't know if I can pull it off. If like me, you're unsure on that, you can never go wrong with sandals. :)


Once again, I am going off on the price... I think you can find more versatile LBDs out there, and for way less than $875. I am really loving those sandals, though. :)


Woven Dress with Belt ($27.80) and Studded Leatherette Gladiator Sandals ($19.80)

I think I have to spend some quality time at Forever 21 so I can find pieces to put these five looks together. :D

Which of these looks did you like the best?

P.S. Guess what came in the mail today... I got the People magazine issue covering all things Royal Wedding. I'm hoping to find some time to scan them for you guys. ;)

Yay for Friday! Hang in there, guys! :D

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