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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bananas for Bridal Belts!

Belts and sashes are one of the best bridal styling accessories to ever hit the aisles! This simple and inexpensive addition to your gown can transform a look instantly. A beaded belt can create a glamorous and more formal look, just as a floral belt can soften a gown and enhance the romance of any dress. Sashes with pops of color not only look great in photos, but they can also can be used to help tie together all of the colors from the wedding party. There are limitless ways to practice this trend.

Here are just a few more suggestions and pictures on how celebrities and designers are showcasing bridal belts and sashes:

-Depending on how detailed your accessories are, leave the gown bare for the ceremony to call attention to your bridal bouquet, and as you are bustling your gown, add on the belt for the reception. Now you have two different looks!

-Feature a dark color on your belt to accentuate a tiny waist. Charcoal and smoky gray are HUGE right now, and are a softer alternative to black.

-Use a unique floral or textural belt to create a couture look of your very own.

-Create a vintage look by attaching a brooch to a thick, silk sash...here is a great place to incorporate your "something borrowed."

-Set your belt or sash aside before preserving your bridal gown, and wear it for each anniversary with a great top or dress.

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